The science team is repsonsible for the data reduction and analysis procedures and for scientific interpretation of the data.


 Rod Heelis, Principal Investigator

Responsible for the overall coordination of the science and technical investigation.


 Greg Earle, Co-Investigator

Participates in overall system design and performance emphasizing the neutral wind measurements.


 Paul Mahaffey, Co-Investigator

Participates in the design of the ram wind sensor prticularly the ion optics.


 Robin Coley, Research Scientist

Responsible for the data interpretation software development and will conduct studies of coupled ion-and neutral motions


 Marc Hairston, Research Scientist

Responsible for education and public outreach as well as interactive data access

Technical & Administration

The Technical and Administration Team at UTD takes care of all our responsibilities for providing flight hardware fullfilling the reporting requirements to NASA and to the Air Force and making the data available to the science community.


  Ron Lippincott, Project Manager

Overall management of the instrument manufacture, delivery and integration.


 Ben Holt, Instrument Systems Manager

Responsible for overall instrument performance, operations and electrical and data interfaces to the space vehicle.


 Larry Harmon, Mechanical Systems Manager

Responsible for the fabrication ofthe flight hardware and mechanical interfaces to the space vehicle.


  Bob Power, Computer Systems Manager

Responsible for the maintenance of CINDI data center, web server and local area network.


 Wendy Newton, Administrative Services Officer

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