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Rules of Use of These Data
By using this website and searching for data, you agree to the following terms:

1. The data accessed from this web site may not be redistributed to others.
2. Scientific findings resulting from the data extracted from this web site must be communicated to the CINDI Principal Investigator (R. A. Heelis, prior to submission for publication or presentation. Please be aware that the CINDI and C/NOFS programs support a number of graduate student studies using these data and we do not want to undermine their work. Communication and collaboration is the key.
3. If the CINDI investigator team does not participate in a science investigation utilizing the data from this web site any resulting publication should contain an acknowledgement to the CINDI investigator team that reads:
CINDI data are provided through the auspices of the CINDI team at the University of Texas at Dallas supported by NASA grant NAS5-01068.
These data are revised periodically as we improve our analysis techniques. Earlier versions of these data that you may have downloaded may now be obsolete. Please check our data version log for any revisions.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2015: Previously we had been posting the CINDI data as soon as it was processed in order to make them available to the community, even though these data were provisional and would later be revised. However, as the CINDI mission nears its end in fall 2015, new problems and difficulties have developed that require extra processing in order to make the data scientifically usable. We have decided that the data after 1 January 2015 are not yet ready to be released, and so we have removed those data from our website. We will be working to return these reprocessed data to public availability as soon as possible. If you have already downloaded CINDI data from 2015 please discard it or else contact us about using it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.