CINDI is a Mission of Opportunity selected for flight by NASA.

CINDI is part of the payload for the Communication and Navigation Outage Forecast System (C/NOFS) program which is operated by the Space Vehicles Directorate.

CINDI seeks to discover how the neutral gas motions and the charged particle motions are related.

CINDI will provide measurements of the neutral atmosphere wind velocity and the charged particle drift velocity in the equatorial upper atmosphere at altitudes between 400 km and 860 km.

C/NOFS was successfully launched on April 16 2008 into orbit using the Pegasus launch system. The CINDI instruments were turned on in early May. Data from the instruments will be placed on line in early September. Please check back here for updates.

The CINDI mission will be ongoing for two years and the data will be accessible through a web-server at UTD.

Here is a CINDI fact sheet in pdf format.

Here is a gallery of pictures of C/NOFS and CINDI.

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