Format of the DMSP SSIES data

  The ascii data presented through the search page on this site are given in the following format:

First the filename (e.g. f13_rl011211515.txt meaning F13, 2001, doy 121, starting time 1515 UT) is given on the first line. The second and third lines give the descriptive headings for each column. Each following line lists one segment of data at a four-second resolution in the following order:

These files are produced by a fortran program. If you wish to use the a fortran read statement to read your copy of these files, the format is:

101 format(0pf10.0,f8.1,2i2,f7.1,f8.2,f8.2,f8.2,f8.2,
   $ 3f8.1,f8.2,2f8.1,1pe15.7,0p,3f9.2,2f7.0,i7)

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