DMSP SSIES Data at UT-Dallas

Data Files include Drift Meter (DM), Retarding Potential Analyzer (RPA), and Langmuir Probe Data.

Choose a spacecraft and enter a date range for a list of available orbits (data is available from 1987 to 2005):

First, Choose a DMSP Spacecraft:
F08 (0600-1800 LT Orbit)
F09 (1000-2200 LT Orbit)
F10 (0900-2100 LT Orbit)
F12 (0928-2128 LT Orbit)
F13 (0545-1745 LT Orbit)
F14 (0928-2128 LT Orbit)
(F14 data after 02-Sept-1999 are unreliable. More Details)
F15 (0928-2128 LT Orbit)

Second, enter a Start Date in one of the following formats:

            (YYDDD) , or
(Month-Day-Year) -- 
and then do one of the following:
  • Press submit for a list of the individual orbits available on that day.
  • Enter the number of days (up to 5) for which you desire a list of individual orbits.  
  • Enter a UT range  (HHMM):   - for up to 100 minutes of continuous data on the date selected.
Note: Do not extend request across a year boundary.


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